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End Of Page slide out Module :This is the best related article Module In Joomla.This Awesome End of Slide Page plug-in display your(s) related articles on Joomla .You can display one article or many articles in a list by using this module.



★ It supports - Match keys and category match on Articles

★ Compatible with all the latest web browser's Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer-7,8 .

★ Its very easy to configure and handy to use .

★ user can change background color and text color.

★ You can set no of categories for showing related articles.

★  Automatic loading .

★ user can set height and width of the module.


Scroll Down your page to see the slideout box in bottom right

and many more for any query or suggestion . Shoot a ticket at WebKUL SUPPORT

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    WebKul is an established web development will work inside of Website Tour.

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    Get the details right by styling Website Tour with our demo website!

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    It works in all the browser.

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    It works when we set all the parameteron the admin.

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    Add tours with our easy point and click interface!